IDP could have never reached the reputation we enjoy today after so many years of being in the market, had we not focused on our service capabilities. Service has been and will always be the driver behind our success and an area where we will always continue to invest and upgrade seeking highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our Team

IDP’s service relies on a strong team of highly qualified and well trained engineers and technicians who are considered to be IDP’s strongest asset. Regular and periodic training on the latest machine technologies at our suppliers allows our service teams to be continuously updated and ready to tackle and resolve all possible technical matters. Our team offers the most advanced level of service and support, dedicated to solving customer’s problems all over the country and is trained to follow international safety standards. Furthermore, IDP offers service contracts, a tool by which we can achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. This gives us the ability to always be aware of equipment condition through regular visits, and therefore the ability to carry out preventive service and maintenance in order to avoid any breakdowns.

Our Workshop

IDP owns and operates its state of the art service centre in the Abu Rawash Industrial area near Cairo. The workshop is built in accordance with the most advanced international regulations and standards to provide utmost satisfaction when it comes to service and maintenance. The centre contains a four lane workshop equipped with all necessary tools and equipment needed to provide our customers with the highest level of after sales service. Furthermore, a fleet of mobile workshops fully equipped to provide mobile service to customers all over the country. This feature renders us capable of being more flexible and closer to our customers and is deemed necessary for stationary equipment erected on sites.

Spare Parts

IDP maintains a regular stock of high quality spare parts that is managed according to scientific methods and in accordance with international standards and taking into consideration the Egyptian market characteristics and customer requirements and expectations. We maintain regular availability of spare parts in order to insure safest, most efficient and most economic operation as well as the longest lifetime of the equipment. IDP only stocks spare parts of the highest quality that guarantee the efficiency of the operation of equipment. Our spare-parts department teams are trained to help our customer to easily identify the parts required for their machines and readily provide them from our stores in the shortest possible time.


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