“IDP Means Service”

A slogan we have maintained for the past 40 years.

To sell a piece of equipment or machinery does not mean that it’s the end of the story.  In fact, for us it marks the beginning of a long-term partnership with our customers.

IDP’s service relies on a strong team of highly qualified and well trained engineers and technicians who are considered to be IDP’s strongest asset. Regular and periodic training on the latest machine technologies at our suppliers allows our service teams to be continuously updated and ready to tackle and resolve all possible technical matters. 

IDP strives to excel in offering the highest quality service through various channels depending on the type of equipment and the preference of our customers. 

Service Centre

IDP owns and operates its state of the art service centre in the Abu Rawash Industrial area near Cairo. Our workshop is designed according to the highest standards of the industry. The centre contains a 4 lane workshop equipped with all necessary tools and equipment needed to provide our customers with the highest level of after sales service. 

Mobile Service Vehicles

IDP’s after sales service department also operates a number of mobile service vehicles equipped with the necessary tools to provide service and repair at customer’s job sites all over Egypt. This service is deemed necessary for stationary equipment erected on sites.

Knowledge Transfer

IDP’s strongly believes in the importance of knowledge transfer service to our customers. Knowledge transfer increases customer’s awareness of our brands and our range of equipment. We believe that regular seminars and trainings focusing on product capabilities, maintenance and service, operation, safety result in a better understanding of the equipment, increasing efficiency, increasing life time, and minimization of running expenses and down time of the machines. 

We offer trainings for the customers locally or through our suppliers in trainings held in their facilities Overseas.

Service Contracts

IDP strongly recommends service contracts to our customers. Those contracts include a number of regular pre-set visits to the customer thus providing them with preventive maintenance, repair when necessary, minimizing down time and consequently increasing efficiency of the equipment.